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University Committee on Land and Building Development (UCLBD)

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The Committee on Land and Building Development (UCLBD) is charged with the responsibility for providing its viewpoint to the University Architect on the planning of campus academic lands. This review responsibility typically includes all Stanford lands, excepting lands assigned to the Stanford Management Company for income producing purposes.

The areas of review and input the Committee may be asked to provide include:

  • Stanford campus master planning
  • Concept/Site designs and guidelines for selected projects/master plans
  • Campus circulation plans for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians
  • General campus design guidelines
  • Campus Programs (i.e. outdoor art, signage, site furnishings, etc.)

The Committee provides comments to the University Architect, who acts as the liaison to senior administration.


The Committee shall include the following members:

  • Two-four students, nominated by the ASSU Committee on Nominations.
  • Administrative staff members (Office Of Development, Alumni Association, R&DE, DAPER, etc.)

In addition, the committee typically includes:

  • University Architect/Executive Director of Campus Planning
  • Representatives from Facility Operations, Land Use and Environmental Planning
  • Executive Director of Stanford Campus Residential Leaseholders (SCRL), or designee


The University Architect will serve as Chair of the Committee.


The Committee shall normally meet once each month during the 9 months of the academic year.


The University Architect/Planning Office is responsible for providing staff support to the Committee and any subcommittees.